Posted 10.08.07 @ 18:51 | Last updated 11.10.01
Private Project

This was a web based mobile application i made as a proof of concept of how one could build a chat engine based on javascript and AJAX requests (this was before i knew about the HTML5 sockets API). As it’s not a completed service the design is not perfected and some bugs still exist. The original idea was to create a tool that both fills a need when you have nothing to do and at the same time encourages people to be social in real life. The concept is similar to site like random roulette with the difference that my version has a local focus and are customized for smart phones.

Technically the application consists of a back-end API that processes the data sent and fetched, and a front-end interface that is split up into three independent Javascript modules. iScroll for enabling and simulating iPhone-like scrolling, the user interface including navigation and  iPhone-like prompts and alerts, and finally the chat itself that makes the calls to the server and updates the interface. is published as is but is not regularly maintained because of lack of time.


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